Meat Run ahead of Hurricane Hanna

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I went shopping today at the local Giant Food Store to take advantage of a sale on meat. Tomorrow we’re expecting the arrival of Hanna the hurricane and I thought a crock pot meal would be a good idea. I want to try out a new recipe I received from a subscription email for pork roast. Hopefully the power won’t go out or I’m screwed, LOL. I can always cook it on the gas stove in my big ol’ cast iron dutch oven or one of my stock pots, but the crock pot really does a nice job on pork loin. I’m not one of those folks who makes a panic food run for milk, bread, butter and eggs whenever there’s a forecast of bad weather, but soup, stew, or crock pot goes with rain. I think tomorrow qualifies as a rainy day, they’re predicting up to 7 inches for us. What do folks do with all that butter anyway? You only need so much for scrambled eggs.

Giant is offering center cut pork loin roasts, buy one get one free, and I selected two of these roasts at just under 3 lb. each. While I was in the meat department, I found another bargain, gorgeous 1 1/2 inch thick beef loin boneless sirloin steaks, also buy one get one free. These steaks were in the display meat case where the butchers work. They were freshly cut which allowed me to get a good look at them. Both the roasts and steaks were nicely trimmed of fat. I also stocked up on lunch meat and cheese, and since there’s rain forecast for later next week I bought a few bags of dried beans; navy, kidney, pinto and black. I figure I’ll be in the mood for some good bean soup for the next rain event. I’ll use the last of the leftover pork roast for that, and it will be the first opportunity I’ll have to use a few bay leaves from the bay tree we bought two months ago.

At the end of next week, I’m going to grill one of those steaks and fry up some onions and crimini mushrooms I bought today as well. We’re going to eat well for the next seven days, that’s for sure.

If the crock pot dinner turns out Ok, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.


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