Green by Theresa Senato Edwards

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Green by Theresa Senato Edwards

How can a memory be both subtle and vibrant at the same time? Green, a one poem chapbook by Theresa Senato Edwards reveals the answer. Green tells the story of the relationship between Mary Miglio and her grandson as it moves back and forth through time, and we are offered a glimpse into their lives through their story, a story many of us have lived.

It was easy to become lost in my own memories while I read Green and to float among the images that were carried on the currents of my mind was a true gift. Though green and blue dominate its pages, the pastel hues of lilacs, honeysuckle, and roses adorn its pages as well, and their scents, their scents permeated the air as I recalled these same flowers in vases on the window sills, tables, and desks of my grandmothers, a great aunt, and in my mother’s home.

Other images returned to me as well as I moved through the poem. Its fireflies on a hot summer evening, fruited ice cream, daffodils, raw onions, soft blankets, a root cellar under the kitchen, and walking through rooms filled with memories, where all things I shared with Green.

To write a poem of such depth and breadth requires a tremendous amount of skill, dedication and patience, and Theresa Senato Edwards had excelled in this endeavor. I would recommend this book to anyone who longs to recall cherished moments from their past.

O.P.W. Fredericks
Editor & Publisher
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