Poetry conversation – poetic voice.

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This evening I am participating in a conversation with fellow poets online in a real time chat session. Gotta love this technology. We’re discussing a new project in the works, and as someone said in last weeks chat session, “Getting poets to collaborate … is like herding cats,” to which there was a reply, “You can only herd cats with a can of tuna.” I wonder if that’s why I’ve been craving a tuna sandwich lately.

This realtime technology is so helpful and quick when it comes to sharing ideas and discussing various topics. There are a few drawbacks though. When reading words, one is unable to hear inflection. Also, when there are several folks participating, the comments are posted as they are sent, but not necessarily in response to the comments that directly preceded them. This leads to some amusing reading, misunderstanding and confusion. We’ve all had a good chuckle when reading the lines that are posted in the order in which they are posted. It does help when each participant uses a different color.

We have since finished our discussion on the project, and the topic has now changed to “poetic voice”, or a “poets voice”. This is an interesting conversation we’re having right now. According to a good friend of mine, my poetic voice is that of a “narrative lyricist”. This sounds so nice, but I’m not sure I qualify.

It’s 11:55 PM right now and the conversation is still going strong. Lord knows when we’ll finish.

Gotta run, there’s much to read and catch up on since I left to post this.


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