Changing and modifying themes and color schemes.

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Today was almost a repeat of yesterday. Daniel and I thought it might be nice to offer several different themes for the new poetry forum to the members. We went to the website where the organization that wrote the software has the downloads, and we looked at each and every one, there were over 100 of them. We selected about 15 versions or themes and installed them. Some of the themes were very simple versions that were missing quite a few of the options I was looking for, so those were ruled out immediately. It was not apparent from the organization’s website exactly how the themes would look when they were installed. After the fist elimination round, we reviewed the ones remaining and discussed the different layouts, fonts, button locations and so on. We boiled it down to two. From there, we decided it would be easiest if we chose one particular theme and customized it using particular aspects of the others. I had no idea just what I was asking Daniel to do. I don’t think he did either. As he progressed through the customization, Daniel would ask me to try each revision as he completed them. Again, before we knew it, it was dinner time. Fortunately all I had to do was reheat leftovers from yesterday.

After dinner, we continued with the customization as Daniel wrote script and I tested it. It’s now nearly midnight and we’re both seeing spots again. Tomorrow I’ll contact a few folks at the forum and ask them to take the new forum out for a test drive. So far we only have the fist test version available. The customization of the second is a bit complicated and Daniel wants to wait until all the bugs are worked out of it.


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