The art of writing scripts.

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I learned a lesson today in the art of writing computer scripts. Daniel and I spent almost the entire day and evening working on customizing the software for a new brand of software I’m trying out for my poetry forum. I knew this was an involved and time consuming process. What I didn’t know was just how complicated it could be. I’m sure it’s second nature to someone who does this on a regular basis, but to write line after line of code just to make one small change in a function button, or where a particular line of text will appear is truly amazing. By the end of the evening, we were both seeing spots.

This is how it went. Daniel and I discussed the overall layout of the first page, then I made suggestions, or more accurately requests on how I would want it to appear. Daniel would research the code, and then rewrite the code to make the page look like I envisioned it. When he was finished, I’d try it out, that is after he tried it out. While he was writing code lines, I’d go in and experiment with the different default settings to see how the function of each page and parameter worked. The hours ticked by and before I knew it it was dinner time. Fortunately everything I made was cooked in one large frying pan and two sauce pans. We had braised pork cutlets, fried zucchini, and rice – two kinds. Daniel likes the white Basmati rice, I like the wild brown version. Whenever I took a break, because I had to walk away from the computer screen, I’d go into the kitchen and cook something. When dinner time rolled around I just had to reheat it.

At 10:00 I petered out and Daniel was right behind me. We watched a little TV while I wrote this entry, and now we’re heading for bed.

Good night everyone.


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