Car back and running fine, and an introduction to Koi-koi.

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After I picked Daniel up at work, we drove to the Nissan dealer this afternoon to get up his car. While he took the car for a test drive, I sat in the parking lot going through the sales flyers for the two grocery stores we shop in, then I drove the mile to one of the stores and picked up a few things. He called me to say the car was working fine as he headed back to the dealer to thank the mechanic for staying late last night to fix it, then he headed home. When he got home, he vacuumed the car’s interior. The grocery shopping took forty-five minutes, and after I arrived home, I made dinner and started a water change in the pond. We finished up the last of the Southwest Ranch Chicken Salad. While I was reheating the chicken I sautéed some fresh zucchini. The kitchen smelled wonderful at the time.

After I served Daniel his dinner, I went out to the pond to feed the fish. There is one young koi in the pond who is Daniel’s pet. Daniel had raised this koi in his 30 gal. aquarium over the winter. A month or so ago, we put him into the pond because he had outgrown the aquarium. We’ve been concerned about him, because he won’t feed from the surface. The food Daniel had been feeding him consisted of sinking algae discs and shrimp pellets. His food ran out last week, and I had to drive to the store to pick up some more. It’s been a challenge to ensure he gets enough to eat because the larger koi have learned that there’s better tasting stuff on the bottom in the shallow end where I’ve been feeding him. I would throw the floating food out into the deep end and while the other koi were feeding, I’d drop his sinking pellets into one spot in the shallow end. It took the other koi just two days to figure this out, and they’d hang around the shallow end waiting for the food. Finally they’d rush over to the deep end before all the food was gone and I’d have about fifteen seconds to drop the sinking pellets in. Koi-koi, as we’ve come to call him, would have just enough time to get a mouthful of pellets before one of the larger koi returned and scoffed up the remaining pellets.

Well today was a joyous one. No sooner did I throw the floating pellets into the deep end, than Koi-koi was right there in the midst of the feeding frenzy, actually racing the larger fish to the floating pellets. Now I know he won’t starve. I actually laughed when he pushed one of the large koi, about four times larger, out of his way while he sucked up a pellet. The larger koi seemed quite indignant about the whole thing.

For desert we had Key Lime bars I had baked the other day, the we watched a movie, “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, and Sean Hayes. What a great movie. It’s one of the few I could watch again several times.

Sleep well everyone.


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