Can you ever have too many fresh garden tomatoes?

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I’ve been inspecting the tomatoes given to us by Daniel’s father this past Saturday every morning this week. Any that have shown the slightest spot or bruise I’ve used to make tomato salads of one kind of another. From mozzarella to cucumbers to just herbs, every day we have eaten tomatoes mixed with other ingredients in a olive oil balsamic vinegar dressing. Admittedly, I’ve sampled a few slices as I cut them up into bite size pieces, they’re just so good. So far neither of us has gotten tired of eating them, and I hope to put some up before the fall so we can continue to enjoy them through the cold winter months. Personally I find them a blessing, as I’ve longed for the taste of garden tomatoes ever since the day our own plants revealed their first flowers. This past Tuesday I made a green salad and on Wednesday, I used the tomatoes with their dressing on my green salad. Ahhh, there’s just nothing like it.

Today I harvested three of our own tomatoes and added them to the bounty. None of the three had been disturbed or assaulted by the tomato thieves. They are pure, perfect globes of sunshine infused goodness. Our sole bell pepper plant has two green peppers that could be harvested now, but I’m waiting for them to develop at least several red veins running through them before I pick them. This is when they’ll begin to become sweet. The basil we were rooting since last winter in a glass in the kitchen window has taken quite well to the pot I planted it in. It has developed it’s first flowers since I allowed one stalk to continue to grow and moved it into full sun. I’ve also harvested rosemary and sage from the planter Daniel bought for me back in the early spring.

Summer has finally come around.


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