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It’s amazing how quickly weeds return to a completely rototilled garden. Daniel planted his vine plant garden, pumpkin and several kinds of squash, just over three weeks ago. The weeds are taller than the vine plants, but then the deer haven’t eaten any of the weeds. The day after the plants produced their first leaves, the deer sauntered through the garden and nibbled off the tops of just about every other seedling. I discovered this after I watered the garden from the pond when I noticed the stubs of the plants still with their cotyledon intact but no leaves. Several of them had just enough of the epicotyl intact to continue the germination process and a new shoot emerged to continue the maturation several days later. Hopefully the vines will begin to mature and spread throughout the garden, shading the ground and overtaking the weeds.

Mom called me last evening to invite me to lunch today with my brother. He returns to New York on Thursday morning, and I am working tomorrow. We spent a nice few hours talking about his visit and the chores he accomplished while visiting with Mom. Seems a contractor she hired to rebuild a basement window failed to re-insulate the window, and my brother had to mix up some cement to repoint the foundation stones. He also used expanding foam insulation to seal the window.


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