Neural Impulse Actuator

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Today Daniel’s birthday present arrived, a neural impulse actuator. It’s a gadget that you think your way around your computer. In other words, you direct the activity with your mind, not keyboard and mouse or any other peripheral. Daniel was very excited at the prospect of owning one of these gadgets, as it’s on the cutting edge of technology. This particular gadget is manufactured by a company called OCZ Technology, developed by a group from Great Britain who also have their own forum. I asked Daniel to order the item because I was afraid if I ordered it for him as his birthday present, I would make a mistake. After he placed the order he told me it may be backordered. He was given no indication whether it was in stock or not. Apparently these gizmo’s are selling like hot cakes. He read the blog and researched this product for several days before deciding on it. I’m glad it arrived in time.

Needless to say, within five minutes of his arrival home from work, he asked if he could open his gift. How could I say no. In less than ten minutes he had the software loaded in his computer, the device strapped to his cranium, and he spent the remainder of the evening developing a whopper of a headache as he tried to master the thing. He’s so excited about the potential of this technology.

Tomorrow we leave for his parent’s home for a visit.


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