The Big Poetry Giveaway! 2011

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Big Poetry Giveaway 2011
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Note to The Big Poetry Giveaway! 2011 participants:
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I was alerted to a great effort to promote poetry through the creation of a contest by my good friend and fellow poet, Christine Klocek-Lim who is the editor of Autumn Sky Poetry. It’s called The Big Poetry Giveaway! 2011, and it was started by Kelli Russell Agodon in 2010. You can read about Christine’s participation in her blog post.


Here’s what Kelli wrote about the contest:

The goal is to share our favorite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading. There is also a benefit for those who participate as it will bring people to your blog and share your work and/or the work of a favorite poet with them.


Daniel and I discussed the contest, and we are enthusiastic about participating because we believe it speaks with great clarity to the missions of both our journal, Touch: The Journal of Healing, and our press, The Lives You Touch Publications. Tremendous comfort and healing can come from the reading of poetry. This is why we publish both our journals and chapbooks.

Here’s an overview of the contest and how our press is going to participate:

After extensive discussion, we have decided that we’re going to give away four prize groups.

Each prize group will consist of three books of poetry; two of these books of poetry will come from the chapbooks we have published by the closing date of the contest and one of these books of poetry will be a copy of Strong Voices – A Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing, two copies of which will come from our 2010 issue and two copies will come from our 2011 issue.

Below you will find an image of the poetry books included in each prize group with links to them or a few words about them.

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If we can’t contact you, we can’t send you your poetry books if you win.

Please do not include your email addresses in the comments section when you post.

Personally, I think it’s crazy to post a personal email address in plain view anywhere on the internet.

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Here are the prizes:

The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 Prize 1
How to photograph the heart ~ Strong Voices: a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing 2010 ~ Uncommon Refrains

How to photograph the heart by Christine Klocek-Lim.

Uncommon Refrains by Gregory W. Randall.

Strong Voices – a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing – 2010:
Each of the pieces in this collection has brought to light a unique voice, and each voice has spoken to a different aspect of touch and of healing. From birth to death, loss to acceptance, and from looking within to searching beyond ourselves; through these works, we have traveled many paths. So how did we choose? The answer began with the choice of the name: Strong Voices.

Strong Voices comes from the authors and poets whose works were represented most often, were showcased as the Editor’s Choice, or followed our Publication Selection Criteria the closest. From the first and second of these groups, you will find two representations of these authors’ works. From the last, we found these authors’ works identified perfectly or near perfectly with what we envisioned when we first conceived Touch: The Journal of Healing, even if they were published only once over the past year. From those in this group you will find one representation of the author’s work. Once the selection was narrowed down to these groups, we chose pieces from each author or poet we believed reflected the unique style we’ve come to appreciate in their work.


The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 Prize 2
Spiraling into Control ~ Strong Voices: a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing 2010 ~ Cutting It

Spiraling into Control by Alarie Tennille.

Cutting It by Tina Hacker.

Strong Voices – a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing – 2010. (see above)


The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 Prize 3
One Tree Bridge ~ Strong Voices: a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing 2011 ~ Guitar Without Strings

One Tree Bridge by Dennis Greene.

Guitar Without Strings by Larina Warnock.

Strong Voices – a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing – 2011. (In production)


The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 Prize 4
A Transit of Venus ~ Strong Voices: a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing 2011 ~ Preparing to Leave

A Transit of Venus by Ed Bennett.

Preparing to Leave by Stephen Bunch is forthcoming.

Strong Voices – a Year of Touch: The Journal of Healing – 2011. (In production)

Here’s some information About me.


BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY! ~ Participating Blogs:
The list will be updated every few days.

Book of Kells: Kelli Russell Agodon

Jessie Carty Blog: Jessie Carty

November Sky Poetry: Christine Klocek-Lim

Being Poetry: Erin Hollowell

WordGathering: Margo Roby

Danka’s World: Danica Grunert

Utopian Fragments: Guy Traiber

Ribbons of Intonation: Jim K

Wait! I Have a Blog?!: Kathleen Kirk

Latoyalikestowrite: LaToya Jordan

Modern Confessional: Collin Kelley

One Poet’s Notes: Edward Byrne

Tribe of Mad Orphans: Ren Powell

Ophelia Unraveling: Carol Berg

The Scrapper Poet: Karen J. Weyant

The Alchemist’s Kitchen: Susan Rich

Matthew Thornburn Blog: Matthew Thornburn

Naming Constellations: Joseph Harker

Drowning the Field: Katie Cappello

Who are “They” & Other Writing Advice: Laura Moe

Red Lion Square: Amy Watkins

Poet 2.0: Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Art Happens 365: Margaret Bednar

Alphabet Soup: Jama Rattigan

The Lizard Meanders: Luisa Igloria

Fredericks’ Reflections: O.P.W. Fredericks

One Man’s Trash: Justin Evans

Joe’s Jacket: Stephen Mills

Myself the only Kangaroo Among the Beauty: Sandy Longhorn

Risa’s Pieces: Risa Denenberg

Ghosts in Parentheses: Barry Napier

Notes fro the Gefilter Review: Jehanne Dubrow

A View from the Potholes: Marie Gauthier

Habit of Poetry: Rita Mae Reese

Desire Seven Small Delicious Fruit: Cati Porter

The Graphic Haibuneer: Cindy Bell

Dear Outer Space: Laura E. Davis

Lorna Dee Cervantes Blog: Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Rachel Dacus: Rocket Kids

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Brian Spears Blog: Brian Spears

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Put Words Together. Make Meaning.: DJ Vorreyer

Shiva’s Arms: Cheryl Snell

Proof of Blog: Luke Johnson

The Monster’s Flashlight: Nancy Lili

Frontal Junkyard: Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Feather’s From the Muse’s Wings: Odilia Galván Rodríguez

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Hobo Mama: Lauren Wayne


O.P.W. Fredericks

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