Gizzie’s freedom

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Gizzie experienced her first real day of freedom today. Neither Daniel or I realized how little we have seen of her the past two weeks. Chester’s presence required her to live in the basement and I’m sure she considered it a banishment. It’s wonderful though just how forgiving animals can be. Humans should take note. Today was the first day since Chester left that she seemed at ease and she spent hours out on the front porch sleeping on Daniel’s rocker-glider. When I called her in for dinner, it was obvious she knew Chester was gone because she didn’t wait at the front door and listen for him. She just sauntered into the kitchen and ate her dinner in peace. She spent this evening moving from the back of Daniel’s La-z-Boy to my side to the front porch, and back to Daniel’s La-z-Boy. She made this round trip several times. It’s nice to have her back, but I still miss Chester terribly.


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